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100W Charger
Publisher:Bizoe Electronic  Date:2019-03-27

1、ANKER PowerPort Atom PD+4 100W USB PD Charger

Last October, ANKER released a GaN-enabled "ANKER PowerPort Atom PD1" charger in New York, along with the Anker PowerPort Atom PD + 4 100 W USB PD charger A2041.

ANKER PowerPort Atom PD4The charger has two USB-C interfaces supporting USB PD, two USB-A interfaces supporting 5V/2.4A, and the total output of the four interfaces is 100W, which can be distributed intelligently according to different loads. When only one USB-C interface outputs, the maximum output is 100W; when two USB-C outputs simultaneously, the maximum output of each USB-C is reduced to 50W; when the USB-A interface is loaded, the output of both USB-C interfaces falls below 50W. This intelligent regulation of the maximum output characteristics of each port allows users to match the best charging scenario and obtain the best charging experience.

 2、ZENDURE 100W USB PD Charger ZD4P90DPD

At CES 2019, ZENDURE exhibited a charger that supports 100W USB PD output. The total output of the charger is 136W, which is one of the few chargers that support 100W USB PD output on the market.

The charger features a "suitcase" design with several raised stripes on the surface and a "ZENDURE" logo embedded on the front. The charger has four output interfaces, two USB-C and two USB-A. The first USB-C interface from the left supports 100W PD output, the other USB-C supports 8PD output, the latter two USB-A interfaces support ZEN+2.0 charging, and the interface tongue is blue, indicating support for fast charging.

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