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Wireless car charger, so you get older drivers seconds
Publisher:Bizoe Electronic  Date:2019-04-04

Mobile phones are now a daily necessities. The last thing to do before going to bed is to watch them in the morning before getting up.


In order to keep the cell phone in sufficient power, we have formed the habit of charging at all times.


In particular, more and more mobile phones support wireless charging without plug-in, can be charged on the car can not play with mobile phones.


But I still have to recharge my phone, whether it's a bracket or just plug in and drive while looking for the charging port at the bottom of the phone with one hand.


Vertical insertion is a difficult problem. It's really difficult. There are also a lot of lines messed up, not to mention unsafe. If you use mobile navigation to guide the 

way, bow your head and hold your mobile phone when distracted when driving unsafely, the mobile phone will easily slip off the road by accident, safety first; 

driving irregularly, two lines of tears from relatives and relatives.

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